What Are NFTS — and Should You Buy Them?

Written by moushouar

You may think an NFT is a .jpg image or digital art. (Or you may think NFTs aren’t really anything, depending on what you’ve heard.) But NFTs offer more substance than just a profile picture and can provide major benefits for creators, brands, and consumers. We’re demystifying NFTs and breaking down how you can benefit from the space—and showing you how to get started if you’d like to learn more and join the NFT community. But you must be aware of all the risks before taking on this alternative investment.

What’s an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. An NFT is not a cryptocurrency, but, like cryptocurrencies, uses blockchain technology to assign ownership to digital (and physical) assets. Think of NFTs and cryptocurrencies as trains that run on a track (the blockchain). The blockchain provides the security and infrastructure that keeps the trains—NFTs and cryptocurrency—safe, without needing to be governed by a central figure or bank.

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