Teddy Bears, NFTs, and The Project Changing Filmmaking

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I’m pretty obsessed with bears: Polar, Panda, Grizzly, Yogi… it doesn’t matter. I love em’ all. There’s something about a big, gluttonous furball, (not hungry for me, thankfully) that sleeps for a third of the year, that I can just appreciate on a spiritual level.

So when PLUSH, a project that promised to combine my love of cute bears with movie making shuffled onto my desk, I knew I needed to find out more. I say shuffle onto my desk pretty loosely. I was scrolling on my phone when I saw Bella Thorne, who I follow due to her absolutely fire cannabis brand Forbidden Flowers, sharing some details about an upcoming NFT project called PLUSH. More interesting than mere adorable bears, Thorne says in the video that the NFTs are to fund a new family friendly movie called PLUSH. It’ll be the first time a family focused movie did such a thing, and I’m pretty grateful for that, because NFTs typically make me think of guys in dark rooms with hoodies and Mountain Dew selling images you may or not be interested in through FOMO. I’d much rather think of bears. Most important for PLUSH though, is that purchasing NFTs will give you a co-producer credit (perfect for my long neglected IMDB page), a share of the film’s profits, and some other cool opportunities to be announced.

This is especially interesting to me, because like many, I’ve been suspicious of financial opportunities from blockchain technology like cryptocurrency and NFTs. But that’s starting to change. More and more people are becoming interested in investing in crypto, even with the recent Bitcoin crash. There has definitely been an effort to normalize the technology in recent years, but I’m hopelessly analog, and reluctant to part with my fiat currency (money backed by a governing body, like the dollar, euro, or yen) for DogeCoin.

NFT, for those not in the know, stands for Non Fungible Token. This means they are unique, as opposed to say Bitcoin, which uses the same technology of Blockchain, but there are many Bitcoins to say… the thousands of unique NFT offerings on the market. Typically, NFTs take the form of visual art, but they could also be audio files, songs, videos, you name it. NFTs can be it. My skepticism of them came from the fact that despite being super un-tech savvy, I do know how to take a screenshot. Why would I invest in a digital image? I’ve spoken to blockchain experts in the past, and they told me if there’s no case history, there’s no reason to invest. Case history is code for purpose, so if someone just made it up and it’s cute, it’s probably not a great investment. It has to do more than just sound or look fun to last the flash in the pan.

So back to PLUSH. Here is where the interesting and unique thing comes into play – the promise of swag, a co-production credit, and a share of the profits. That last part is particularly of interest.

Let’s play a hypothetical. You are a Hollywood producer, one who prefers to make money. You’d make a summer blockbuster right? Well, those are expensive to make, and when they flop, they really flop. A much safer financial bet would be to make family films. They consistently do well, and if you don’t believe me, note the fact that Disney has literally been remaking the animated films they made decades ago as live-action remakes as of late. They’re making the same movie again, sometimes shot for shot in the case of The Lion Kingand making a truck load. Getting multiple bites from the same tasty, money tree? That’s a yes from me. It shouldn’t be surprising for anyone that family films are a smart financial choice, because while it’s tough for single people to clear their schedules to see another Marvel movie, parents are more than happy to take their kids to the theater and enjoy the wonderful 90 minutes of chill out time.

To its credit, PLUSH is being made by some top studios in France. Following the sales of the PLUSH NFT collection, the film will be entrusted to Rooftop Production and Karlab studios. These guys worked on The Lorax, Minions, Despicable Me 2 & 3, The Grinch, The Secret Life of Pets 1 & 2, Sing 1 & 2, and many more. Long story short, they know how to make a movie, so this won’t be some sad project that goes nowhere fast.

Color me officially intrigued, or color me rainbow insanity, because this NFT collection has thousands of rainbow bears to keep even me, Queen Bear Lover happy in variety. I’m particularly fond of this cowboy one.

The film itself is about the community and coming together to save the environment, which I think we can all universally agree on, is something becoming more and more dire… and is definitely something we should talk to our children about. The film is slated to come out in late 2023, but the NFTs are available now. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like you need to set up a wallet or figure out how to run Discord (a task in and of itself that is enough to make some people give up). They’re available on PLUSH’s website with an old school e-commerce style option. Thank you PLUSH for making that one easy, and I can’t wait to see (and even co-produce) the final bear ladened paradise.

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