ShitBeast Gets Whale Holders, Giveaway Awaits

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VOX Collectibles: Mirandus

What is it?

A VOX is a unique avatar with randomly generated traits. VOX are collectible ERC-721 NFTs. Each VOX is programmatically generated and provably unique, which means that no two VOX non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the same.

VOX floor price today is $804.85, with a 24-hour sales volume of 23.71 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 8449 NFTs minted, held by 3643 owners.

The token has a total market cap of $6,800,156.46.

Mirandus VOX NFTs are inspired by the creatures and heroes of Mirandus. They will offer in-game boosts when paired with Exemplar avatars and are playable for play-to-earn rewards.


What is it?

ShitBeast is a meme NFT project stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Within the collection are seven Shit Legendary NFTs: Darken, Demon, Fly, Golden Shit Rod, Oak, Skeleton, and Wolf King.

The website displays a canvas that tells users to drag a Shitbeast from their inventory and pick up one of three different cleaners to clean their NFT.

ShitBeast floor price today is $129.63, with a 24-hour sales volume of 8.08 ETH.

As of today, there is a total of 10000 NFTs minted, held by 2959 owners, and the token has a total market cap of $1,296,320.79.

What drives the performance?

As of June 8, 2022, ShitBeast NFT ranked 8th in 7-day trading volume on OpenSea.

ShitBeast has been attracting more whale holders recently. Currently, there are 317 blue chip holders, of which 224 are Otherdeed holders, accounting for 6.04% of the total.

On the other hand, the tokens have officially launched the second-generation NFT ShitBeast. This had more blue-chip holders than the first-generation ill poop it NFT project.

God Hates NFTees

What is it?

God Hates NFTees is a collection of 5022 “NFTees” for the culture. It is a community governed by a DAO, where each member has a say in how the project operates and proceeds. The collection is founded and created by a self-proclaimed 67-year-old man named Mr. Peters.

God Hates NFTees boasts about having no roadmap and a Discord official for trolling purposes.

Today’s floor price is $555.94, with a 24-hour sales volume of 61.5 ETH. Currently, there is a total of 5022 NFTs minted, and over 2340 owners own the NFTs. The token has a total market cap of $2,791,958.60.

The floor price of God Hates NFTees had an ascending day, with prices surging from 0.240 ETH to 0.369 ETH since Wednesday morning.

What drives the performance?

God Hates NFTees has announced a giveaway of 2 God Hates NFTees, which has few criteria for eligibility. Meanwhile, the company’s Twitter page announced the giveaway of 2x Ape Hater Club NFTs and 02x God Hates NFTees. The winners will be notified by Friday.

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