Ridiculous Dragons, an NFT Project by Shagun Singh records sales worth 8 crores in a month

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NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are new unique emerging trends that have created quite a stride in the digital world. This technology has exploded in the markets in the past couple of months; more than anything else, and the business has been on a rapid rise. The world has been rapidly getting inclined towards the fascinating world of NFTs and India is no exception. Grabbing this opportunity, entrepreneur Shagun Singh created the project ‘Ridiculous Dragons,’ a collection of 9999 Dragons (Digital collectibles) that can be minted and sold on their online platform.
NFTs technically are based on anything virtual, including drawings, records, GIFs, songs, and video games. It can either be a precious art or a copy of many like a trading card, but the inbuilt blockchain keeps track of the original owner. NFTs have been making headlines constantly; some are selling for millions of dollars, followed by being put up for auctions because it is an easy way to possess digital art. Ridiculous Dragons is one project that has generated eight crores worth of sales by selling their NFTs (Dragons) in a short period of time. It emerged as one of the most exemplary projects in India, which comes with fresh ideas in addition to providing a plethora of perks and features for their holders. They have reached the pinnacle by selling all the 9999 Dragons (NFTs) generated on the Binance Smart Chain. Founder and CEO Shagun Singh, who has consistently worked in the cryptocurrency market since 2013 and owns profound learning related to the domain, has significantly contributed to the success of his ambitious project.
Visionary entrepreneur Shagun Singh’s Ridiculous Dragons has become the focus of the growing economy of digital collectibles in India. The platform is turning out to be a huge success and promises a long-term digital transformation. “We believe that NFTs are much valued in the virtual world, especially as they expand worldwide. After covering all our project landmarks, Ridiculous Dragons will soon be launching its own marketplace that’ll trade NFTs by the minute. With this, we are also planning on unveiling our digital currency (coins or tokens),” the CEO said.
NFTs serve the purpose of maintaining the authenticity of art and preserving its ownership. Hence, the idea behind a private trading platform will allow art developers to present their prototypes and trade their NFTs on it, strengthening the community all in one place. Ridiculous Dragons is a one-of-a-kind platform that grasped this concept instantly and is now bringing it to the masses of India. The platform aims to generate a revenue of 20 cr+ by the end of this year. One of the reasons why Ridiculous Dragons have garnered such a massive positive response from the people is because the platform provides numerous perks which also includes community gatherings. Not only this, but NFT/Dragon holders will also enjoy staking rewards by holding their NFTs and will also get an exclusive 20 percent off on Ridiculous Dragons’ upcoming new NFT collection. The project already has funding and offerings by sponsors and renowned firms that are worth crores of Rupees.
Shagun Singh who is an emerging entrepreneur in his early 20s is all suited up to take Ridiculous Dragons to new horizons of success and not only this, he is leaving no stones unturned to make a name for himself and for the same, Shagun is working on several projects. With an aim to establish himself as a power to reckon with, he is working on five new projects in different verticals. These projects include Simple Bazaar (24*7 operational premium grocery stores), Simple Burger (quick service restaurant chain serving Burgers & Shakes), Mr Kiyoshi (Indo-Asian cuisine), Simplyy (Health Monitoring & Tracking App) and one apparel brand. With such dedication and passion towards creating successful business across a plethora of segments, Shagun Singh has indeed positioned himself as the next big thing in the market.
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