Impostors Prepares for Its First Beta

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Impostors Genesis Aliens

What is it?

The Impostors Genesis Aliens project consists of 10,420 little alien characters. Apart from an interactive social gaming environment, Impostors Genesis Aliens NFT promises to offer an incentive system with continuous earning opportunities.

The project’s roadmap outlines its plan every two weeks. This means that if the user wants something new to happen to the project, the minimum waiting time is two weeks.

Impostors have features like fun and engaging gameplay and calculated in-game economics.

Today, impostors Genesis Aliens’ floor price is $1,443.65, with a 24-hour sales volume of 27.24 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 10420 NFTs minted, held by 4946 owners, and a total market cap of $15,042,841.97.

What drives the performance?

The Impostors said in a tweet that the firm is preparing for its first community Beta test. Also, early this month, the Alien Galaxy Reveal took place.

Dysto Apez Official

What is it?

Disto Apez is a metaverse brand driven by its community. After pushing the limits of pixel art with a fully animated NFT collection, the team is starting to make their stamp on the digital world.

The Dysto NFT’s long-term vision is to broaden its ecosystem and breach the physical world by way of brand partnerships and innovative media approaches. The company is planning to hold IRL events, physical Dysto Apez merch, and a plethora of other products.

Dysto’s floor price today is $324.24, with a 24-hour sales volume of 15.22 ETH. Till today, there is a total of 4444 NFTs minted, and the token is held by 1296 owners and has a total market cap of $1,440,915.31.

The floor price of Dysto Apez Official shot up from 0.122 ETH to 0.389 ETH today at 2.00 pm Asia time before tumbling to 0.2 at press time.

What drives the performance?

Dyson aims to bring as much value as possible to its holders while also maintaining a laid-back and enjoyable Discord community. Some of the utilities that the community currently are alpha calls, which include not only Ethereum NFT calls but also altcoins and even Solana (SO) projects.

On top of that, the team is currently in the process of developing more projects, such as the Elder Council, an extremely limited collection of 1/1 NFTs for its most loyal members.

The firm has also decided to release a collection of robot companions, which the team is yet to decide a name. Soon the members would be able to send their Apez and their companions on weekly missions and receive more rewards.

“The future of Dysto Apez is looking very bright,” the gitbook.io description on Dysto Apez said.

Moonrunners Official

What is it?

Moonrunners NFTs are 10,000 unique NFT characters that are taking the internet by storm. The NFTs depict pixelated wolf-like characters.

The project has been launched without a roadmap or its official Discord.

Moonrunners’ Official floor price today is $184.55, with a 24-hour sales volume of 18.65 ETH.

Till today, there is a total of 9473 NFTs minted, held by 3864 unique owners, and has a total market cap of $1,748,242.90.

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