Binance Launches NFT Ticketing with SS Lazio

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Milan, 28 July 2022 – Binance announces the pilot project of its new NFT ticketing solution with SS Lazio for the 2022/23 season.

Partnership between Binance and SS Lazio continues with NFT tickets

Binance and SS Lazio launch the new NFT ticketing solution

Binance continues to expand its service offerings in the crypto world by making blockchain technology accessible to all.

This new ticketing solution managed through NFTs represents an evolutionary phase of Binance’s Fan Token portal.

Web3 has the ability to revolutionize most industries and is what established realities have been experimenting with in recent years.

NFT ticketing‘s new solution not only enables increased security and authenticity behind ticket sales activities, but also creates a new way to experience your passions.

Thanks to blockchain and the innovative products developed by the Binance team, SS Lazio fans will be able to enjoy more immersive experiences. NFT ticket holders, in addition to having access to the stadium, will be entitled to fantastic Prizes, discounts, privileges and exclusive benefits with the Italian soccer team.

Those who already hold season and non-season tickets for the new 2022/2023 season will be able to apply for conversion to NFT tickets through Binance’s platform.

The benefits of new ticket management through NFT

Lazio’s digital ticketing marks an important milestone in the partnership between the soccer club and Binance, taking fan engagement to even higher levels.

Blockchain offers ways to incentivize fans beyond the stadium experience, giving them access to higher levels of loyalty. In addition, a much broader user base interested can be embraced in this way, attracting even those only in discovering the new faces of this technology.

The increased security offered by the new solution is certainly not to be underestimated. Indeed, ticket management with NFTs prevents unauthorized resale, ticket counterfeiting and scalping.

The authenticity and validity of the tickets will be guaranteed by the registration of the NFTs on the blockchain, which counts as a true certification and guarantee of nominative ownership.

Overall, this innovative process makes ticketing systems more reliable and helps limit the disruptions that can arise during larger sporting events, a time when ticket misuse becomes more common.

Comments and thoughts from figures involved in this important step forward

Marco CanigianiMarketing Director of SS Lazio, states:

“SS Lazio are proud to launch NFT ticketing for all Lazio home matches. Our ticket holders can now claim their NFT tickets free of charge and use their digital NFT tickets to enter Stadio Olimpico. Our team is working closely with Binance to provide the greatest value to all of our fans. It is with great pleasure to reward all SS Lazio fans, who claim their NFT digital tickets with their season tickets purchases.

Our fans who explore this new technology will enjoy discounts for Europa League matches and online merchandise purchases, as well as additional rewards and unique experiences. Our collaboration with Binance enables SS Lazio to change and influence the way fans interact with various product offerings from our sports club. We can expect many more features to be launched using blockchain technology throughout SS Lazio’s partnership with Binance.”

Zoe WeiFan Token Lead at Binance, concluding by saying:

“NFT ticketing, which we are introducing with SS NFT ticketing introduces a brand new layer of utility features to non-fungible tokens, Lazio, will revolutionize the ticketing market and presents another significant real-life use case for Web3 technology. Blockchain enabled NFTing has the potential to branch out beyond sports and take its roots in the broader entertainment industries ticket.

Fans now have the option to preserve their memories of any live event they have attended by digitally collecting the tickets, and enjoy further engagement with their favorite clubs or beyond those experiences ⁠—leading to more meaningful and lasting fan experiences, stronger digital and brands worldwide communities and more involvement in the life of teams, players and brands.”

Binance and the Lazio Fan Token

In 2021, Binance became an official sponsor of the Italian soccer team, signing a multi-year partnership with SS Lazio.

In this way, the exchange giant was able to win the main position on the club’s jersey, marking a major entry into the world of sports.

This move allowed CZ’s “creature” to increase visibility and brand awareness worldwideexpanding the same offering to international teams.

The partnership with Lazio also acted as a way for Binance to promote the Binance Fan Token portal, a project that had only just been born at the time.

The platform, in fact, was available to the public as of 13 October 2021, the day the LAZIO Fan Token was issued, which is the team’s utility token developed through the Binance Launchpad.

Returning to the new NFT ticketing solution, from today Lazio fans will be able to request their NFT tickets in the club’s official stores, via social media, and on the Binance Fan Token platform.


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