5 Tools That Are Perfect For Finding Rare NFTs As Per Cairo Finance

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NFTs are fast becoming an investment choice for many. Standing at the helm are large corporations like PayPal, Microsoft, and entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey, who created a buzz when he auctioned off his first-ever tweet as an NFT. NFTs might not yet be writing on the wall, but people are beginning to get the hang of it. For one, it’s being observed that it’s all about the rarity in NFT world. And to help you find rare NFT, here’s Cairo Finance sharing his top 5 tools.

A not-so-reassuring name when it comes to looking for something rare, but OpenSea delivers. According to Cairo Finance, “OpenSea is the largest and most popular NFT marketplace. It facilitates NFT sales and shares rankings that are based on volume, floor prices, and other factors. Users can browse through their exhaustive lists of trending NFTs and use their judgment to pick the rarest NFT they can find. It’s a good tool to track and analyze your investments, especially those based on digital art.”

This one is right on point. In 2013, Nansen.ai became the first NFT marketplace that became a storehouse of different NFT possibilities in the market. As per Cairo Finance, “this move helped them achieve cult status among NFT investors. Additionally, they make finding or sniping for rare NFTs easier as their rankings are wallet-based. That is to say; Their wallet analysis tools allow users to see and use a scoreboard that lists the most profitable NFT based on the money it has been able to generate. The scoreboard makes it easy to help investors find NFTs they’d consider rare.”

Short and sweet, icy. tools is a no-frill attached to the NFT marketplace. Cairo Finance explains, “this is one of the best places to browse for rare NFTs. For one, they have a Trending Collection, which means you can head straight to it and save all the time you might otherwise spend comparing ranks and wallets. Additionally, the user interface is friendly, making it the perfect go-to NFT marketplace for beginners. They also offer Icy Premium, which sends subscribers detailed information on every collection listed on its marketplace.”

Rarity Sniffer
This one should take the cake on the name alone, and fortunately, it delivers on the rarity aspect as well. For Cairo Finance, Rarity Sniffer is “one of the best places to go to if you want the latest ranking and info on the newest NFT projects. They know what they are doing, and even with their free version, users can get a low down on the most recent collections, NFT drops, and all upcoming NFT projects. All in all, a commendable site that’s been designed to help you snipe for that rare NFT.”

Crypto Slam
Another gem of an addition to the stellar list, Crypto Slam, Cairo Finance claims is “another excellent tool to scout for rare NFTs. They depend on market research and deep analysis to create a robust list of rare and well-to-do NFTs. They treat each NFT with care and have a dedicated page for each one of their NFT.”

With Cairo Finance’s 5 best tools, it’s time to start finding your rarity NFT.


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